About The NoSh Guide

nosh (verb): To eat food enthusiastically. You nosh at a restaurant, at a festival or at a party.


The North Shore of Chicago abounds with natural beauty, pristine lake front, historic landmarks and charming towns. There is a certain attraction to this area that has resulted in a steady increase in people calling the North Shore “home” and visitors flocking to experience the splendor. It should come as no surprise that the options for adult and kid fun are also growing and thriving. The NoSh Guide is an online guide that aggregates all this fun: dining & drinking, festivals, events & activities and party planning options…for the North Shore.

The NoSh Guide will provide a comprehensive list of restaurants, easily searchable by town and cuisine; an updated calendar of festivals and events by month; and a list of vendors to plan your perfect event or party by town and category. The content will be organized, easy to access and positive. No public reviews will be included in The Guide.

Enjoy The Guide, enjoy your experiences…in this gorgeous North Shore.

About the Founder: Sara McSpedon

I grew up in the hospitality business with my family the founders and current owners of Pops for Champagne in Chicago. In 2007, I became a partner in the business learning all aspects of the 33-year Chicago landmark. I have an entrepreneur spirit (learned from my dad) coupled with strong sales and marketing experience (from 9 years at MTV Networks) that provide the foundation for The NoSh.

My desire to create this business comes from my love for both sides of hospitality: as someone who truly enjoys the experience at a great restaurant, festival or party and on the flip side as someone who loves to plan, market and share these experiences with others. My goal is that no matter who you are or where you live (North Shore or beyond!) that you find The NoSh useful and you find a cool new experience, joint or party need that you can share with others.