Why aren't there any reviews on The NoSh Guide?

The Nosh Guide is informational and objective.  There are several other sites that allow for reviews but at The NoSh Guide we prefer that each individual have their own experience and judge from there.

I am a business and I would like to create a Listing on The NoSh Guide.

In order to list on The NoSh Guide, we do require that if you are a bricks and mortar that your business reside in the North Shore.  If you are a service, you must be able/willing to do business in the North Shore.  At this point, we are only accepting the following categories of businesses:
Restaurants or Bars
Event Vendor: Photographers, Florists, Event Venue, Kids Birthday Party, Venue, Kids Birthday Party, Entertainer, Caterer, Musical Entertainment (DJ or Live), Bakery or Other Entertainer.

What is the criteria for submitting an event?

For an event to be accepted on The NoSh Guide we do require the event to take place on the North Shore.  We do not accept community meetings or village/town/city networking events.  The events page is designed to attract people from all over North Shore and beyond.  If you have a question about whether your event will qualify, please email us at admin@noshguide.com.

What is the difference between the listings?

The basic listings on The NoSh Guide are unpaid listings.  In order to have an enhanced profile, businesses will need to pay a small monthly fee for the upgrade.  Please email admin@noshguide.com for more information.